Introduction There have been unconfirmed reports of Israeli weapons sales and training to Rwanda beginning in 1990. It is believed that Israel supplied weapons to the Hutus who committed that genocide but Israel’s Supreme Court denied a request to release information regarding Israel’s role in the genocide. Today Israel and Rwanda hold close security relations, […]


Also known as – Ispra by E.I ltd ; Israel Product Research General Information The Israeli company ISPRA ltd. was founded in 1969. Its headquarters were located in Zichron Yaakov, today they are in Herzliya, Israel. ISPRA uses the tag line “smart solutions for riot control”. The company specializes in the production of tear gas […]


Introduction Israel and Uzbekistan hold economic, educational, scientific and military relations. Israel reportedly sold drones, small arms and spyware to Uzbekistan. Israel – Uzbekistan Relations Uzbekistan has long had a relatively strong relationship with the state of Israel. Israel was one of the first countries to recognize Uzbekistan after the dissolution of the USSR.[1]Enjoying good […]


General Information BriefCam was founded in 2008 based on technology developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.[1]Briefcam Company Official Website : About Head office is in Modi’in, Israel. BriefCam has offices in the US and China [2]Video synopsis company BriefCam wins innovation award and also in the UK [3]BRIEFCAM LIMITED UK BriefCam is a developer and […]


General Information BeeSense, formerly called Seraphim Optronics, is an Israeli company, owned by Avnon Holdings (Avnon Group). The company is located in Yokne’am, Israel. Established in 1996 as Seraphim Optronics ltd, BeeSense designs, develops and manufactures multi-sensor technology-based solutions & systems and communication and power infrastructures for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Main products are observation […]