New Zealand

Introduction New Zealand and Israel maintain close economic, security and military relations. New Zealand acquired among others aircraft radars, combat vehicles, shield systems and surveillance technologies from Israeli companies. Israel– New Zealand Relations In 2011, Israel and New Zealand launched the Working Holiday Scheme (WHS), which offers 200 places to New Zealanders to stay and […]


General Information BeeSense, formerly called Seraphim Optronics, is an Israeli company, owned by Avnon Holdings (Avnon Group). The company is located in Yokne’am, Israel. Established in 1996 as Seraphim Optronics ltd, BeeSense designs, develops and manufactures multi-sensor technology-based solutions & systems and communication and power infrastructures for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Main products are observation […]


General Information In March 2020, with the rise of COVID-19, NSO Group launched a contact-tracing technology named ‘Fleming’. The software is designed to track and map the spread of COVID-19 using geolocation data from mobile phones, including through using data collected by external third-party apps. The systems then providers information about contacts and durations of […]

Circles Cyberspionage System

General Information Circles is an Israeli surveillance firm that reportedly exploits weaknesses in mobile phone networks to spy on calls, texts, and location information. The company that is registered in Cyprus and operates from Bulgaria, was founded by two Israelis Boaz Goldman and Tal Dilian in 2011. Dilian is a former colonel in the Israeli […]


General Information CIBMS is a general term for many different border security and surveillance systems. The combines systems offered by Magal are installed in more than 75 countries in airports, borders, nuclear facilities, military bases, power plants, oil and gas facility, prisons and more.[1]Dynematics : INTEGRATED SECURITY! CIBMS Magal’s combined systems include: Early Warning systems […]

Candiru Cyberspionage System

Candiru’s cyberspionage tools can be used to infiltrate computers, servers, mobile devices, and cloud accounts. Its specialty appears to be infiltration of computers, particularly those running Windows OS. In recent years the company has begun developing tools against both iOS and android devices. Also some effort has been spent for developing macOS attacking tools.[1]Cellphone Hacking […]

Better Tomorrow

General Information Anyvision (now Oosto) has developed ‘Better Tomorrow’ which is a Tactical Surveillance System (T.S.S) for real time face recognition that uses deep learning algorithms to detect, track and recognize a Person of Interest at any given time and scene. Simultaneously analyzes multiple live video streams from various sources such as CCTV cameras, wearable or […]


General Information Tavor is an assault rifle with semi and fully automatic modes. The Tavor rifles is manufactured was first manufactured by Israel Military industries in the 90’s. After the company split in 2005, the manufacturing was continued by Israeli Weapons Industry (IWI) – a privately owned Israeli light weapons manufacturer. The Tavor has been […]


General Information Since 2005, the Galil is an assault rifle first manufactured by Israel Military industries in the 1970’s. The Galil is now manufactured by Israeli Weapons Industry (IWI) – a privately owned Israeli light weapons manufacturer. Historically the Galil was used in the Salvadoran Civil War, the Lebanon War, the Apartheid government, First Congo […]

EL/M Radars

General Information The EL/M Radars are a series of multi-mission radar, all with surface and aerial search capabilities. The Radar series includes mobile ground radars, airborne radars, and naval radars. All radar systems integrate with relevant missile systems. Variations: EL/M-2032 (Airborne), EL/M-2080 Green Pine (Ground based), EL/M-2084 (Naval), EL/M-2238 STAR (Naval), EL/M-2248 MF-STAR (Naval). EL/M-2248 […]