Combined Integrated Border Management Solutions

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Magal Security Systems


Combined Integrated Border Management Solutions

General Information

CIBMS is a general term for many different border security and surveillance systems. The combines systems offered by Magal are installed in more than 75 countries in airports, borders, nuclear facilities, military bases, power plants, oil and gas facility, prisons and more.[1]Dynematics : INTEGRATED SECURITY! CIBMS

Magal’s combined systems include: Early Warning systems using UAVs, Radars, Long Range CCTV and satellites; Fence Intrusion Protection including: Mounted, virtual and buried sensors and detection means; Border Checkpoints with face recognition and handheld scanning; Mobile terminals and handheld enriched communication and much more.

In 2017 Magal Security Systems announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Dynamatic Technologies ltd, based in India.[2]Magal Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Dynamatic Technologies to Pursue Security Projects in India

CIBMS Magal S3 Roboguard System

Use by Israeli forces

Magal markets itself as having developed their expertise in “the world’s most difficult border – Israel”. Magal was awarded $15 million for the construction of 170km of the 708km long Separation Wall in the occupied West Bank. Their systems are also used in the Gaza border, Golan borders, and in settlements in the West Bank.

In 2016, Magal was awarded a contract by the Israeli Interior Ministry for the installation and maintenance of electrical fences at all Israeli incarceration facilities, maintaining its position as the primary supplier.