Introduction Israel and Honduras maintain close ties in the fields of diplomacy, trade, agriculture and water management, health, innovation, and security. Under Orlando Hernández’s presidency (2014-2022), Honduras became a close ally of Israel, regularly supporting Israel’s policy at the UN and moving Honduras’ embassy to Jerusalem. The military relations between the countries include arms and […]


Introduction Panama and Israel have a long history of supportive bilateral relations, beginning with Panama’s vote for UN Resolution 181 to create the State of Israel. Panama used Israeli surveillance technology by NSO Group. Panamian police forces were trained by the Israeli Army.  Israel-Panama Relations Panama has consistently voted with Israel since 1947, including voting […]


Introduction Israel and Nicaragua hold diplomatic and economic relations. Israel sold aircrafts and missiles to Nicaragua between in the 1970s and 1980s. In 2018 it was reported that Nicaragua purchased espionage and intelligence-gathering software from a private Israeli company. Israel – Nicaragua Relations Nicaragua recognized Israel in 1948, but its relationship started prior to that, […]


Introduction Over the past two decades, Israel has exported hundreds of millions of Dollars worth of military equipment to Mexico, including various types of drones, naval battle ships, missiles and over 23,000 small arms. Mexico is also a major buyer and user of Israeli spying and surveillance technologies. Mexico was the first country whose misuse […]