Barak Missiles

Surface-to-Air Missiles

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Barak Missiles

Surface-to-Air Missiles

General Information

The Barak-1, and its later adaptation, Barak 8, are both Surface to Air missiles. The Barak-1 was first developed by Rafael and Israel Aerospace industries (IAI). The Barak-8 is a joint Israel-Indian venture in which India’s Defense Research & Development Organization and Bharat Dynamics Limited, joined IAI and Rafael in its development and manufacturing.

In 2020, IAI said it has completed a successful series of trials of the Barak-ER, unveiling documentation of the trials.[1]BARAK ER missile defense system completes series of successful trials

In 2022 Morocco confirmed $500 million contract for Barak MX air defense missile systems from Israel.[2]IAI from Israel validates contract with Morocco to deliver Barak MX air defense missile systems

Variations: Barak-1, Barak-8, Barak-ER

Photo: Georges Seguin

Use by Israeli Forces

The Barak system is operational in the Israeli Army since 1992. It was operational in the second Lebanon war and was installed on an Israeli combat vessel, that was hit. Later, the army explained that the Barak system analyzed the hitting missile as a friendly Israeli fighter jet. [3]Investigation: Officer on Warship disonnected alarm system

The Israeli army conducted two big live tests of the Barak-8 system at 2009 and 2014.[4]Haaretz : Navy conducted experiment on advanced missiles

The Barak system is used on many Israeli Navy ships including the Sa’ar 4.5 and Sa’ar 5, both operational as part of the naval siege on the Gaza strip. That said, we do not have any documentation of operational use of the Barak systems in that context.