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Beit Alfa Technologies

General Information

Beit-Alfa Technologies Ltd (B.A.T) is a private company owned by Kibbutz Beit Alfa in Israel, that has been an international leading designer and manufacturer of special purpose vehicles since 1966. Their target customers are Police & Military, Security Services, Government and private sector, Law Enforcement Forces etc.

B.A.T has developed  Riot Control Vehicles . All models employ the “Jet Pulse Water Cannon Systems” . Their Riot Control Vehicles are sold internationally and have been used “in action” in more than 30 countries worldwide. B.A.T’s Water Restraint System (WRS) is a high pressure water stream restraining system.

Beit Alfa Technologies’ “Water Restraint System” is marketed for multiple uses, including “inmate control”.

Among others, products of Beit Alfa Technologies were used in Apartheid South Africa, during the dictatorship in Chile and in Palestina.[1]Israeli firm supplies SAPS with cannons[2]The kibbutz that sells riot control weapons to war criminals. Water Restraint Systems by B.A.T were also used by South African Police (SAPS) to control protests in 2015[3]Israeli firm supplies SAPS with cannons and in 2021.[4]high pressure water cannons, flanked by police Nyalas

In 2003, the company won a tender to provide vehicles to the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the use of the Israeli Police Border in the Seam Zone (an area between the Green Line and the West Bank mostly populated by settlement). The system is used by Israeli Border Police to attack demonstrations. Vehicles developed by the company are used to carry the “Skunk”, a scent-based weapon that is used by Israeli forces against Palestinian protestors in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In the past, the vehicles were purchased by repressive regimes in Chile and Burundi. “the Skunk” was used also against Jewish-Ethiopian and Jewish Ultra-Orthodox protesters in Israel.[5]Skunk used against Jewish-Ethiopian and Jewish Ultra-Orthodox protesters

In a promotional photo of the company a System of the company is showed at a place that was suspected by journalists to be the “Seperation/Apartheid Wall” at the West Bank.[6]The wall in this promotional photo looks very similar to the “separation (or apartheid) wall” built throughout the West Bank. In a different promo video of B.A.T a “Sting” riot control vehicles, they used actors to play Palestinian rioters throwing stones at the vehicle.[7]Sting Promotional Video of BAT

According to Amnesty International, riot control vehicles made in the Beit Alfa Technologies factory have been used in Burundi since the beginning of a political crisis in April 2015, due to the un-constitutional extension of President Nkurunziza’s term.[8]BRAVING BULLETS – EXCESSIVE FORCE IN POLICING DEMONSTRATIONS IN BURUNDI [9]BURUNDI POLITICAL TENSIONS  The kibbutz’s website boasts of a visit from Burundi’s Minister of Interior at the factory that produces the riot control vehicles in June 2013.[10]Visit of Burundi Minister at Beit Alfa Technologies The vehicles were apparently delivered to Burundi in the beginning of 2015.

Beit Alfa’s armored riot control vehicle is used by more than 25 countries around the world, including Spain, Greece, France, Albania, China, Singapore, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, and Chile.[11]A New Model for the Riot Control Vehicle

Products and Services:

  • Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • Fire Control and Targeting
  • Military and Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Personal Protection, Medical and Survival Equipment
  • Vehicle Ballistic Protection

For more information about the company’s involvement in the Israeli occupation, you may visit Who Profits.