Better Tomorrow

Facial Recognition Technology

Operated in:

France, Japan, Israel


Better Tomorrow

Facial Recognition Technology

General Information

Anyvision (now Oosto) has developed ‘Better Tomorrow’ which is a Tactical Surveillance System (T.S.S) for real time face recognition that uses deep learning algorithms to detect, track and recognize a Person of Interest at any given time and scene. Simultaneously analyzes multiple live video streams from various sources such as CCTV cameras, wearable or mobile cameras.[1]Digital Media Catalogue : Anyvision Oosto

There is no documentation about official acquisitions of Better Tomorrow. AnyVision was reportedly operating in: France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Israel.

See more info about Oosto/Anyvision technologies and their world wide usage, here: Anyvision/Oosto

Use by Israeli forces:

AnyVision plays a direct role in Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, which includes Israel’s illegal wall and military checkpoints. According to the Israeli army, AnyVision is part of a “program to upgrade” military checkpoints in the West Bank through adding technology for new “identification and inspection stations”. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has learned that Anyvision is taking part in two special projects in assisting the Israeli army in the West Bank.[2]This Israeli Face-recognition Startup Is Secretly Tracking Palestinians One involves a system that it has installed at army checkpoints that thousands of Palestinians pass through each day on their way to work from the West Bank. The product lets the army quickly identify whether the person passing through has an Israeli work permit, thereby shortening the wait at the border.[3]This Israeli Face-recognition Startup Is Secretly Tracking Palestinians

Anyvision also maintains cameras for the Israeli military deep inside the West Bank to spy on Palestinians and enable the Israeli military’s illegal targeting of civilians.[4]This Israeli Face-recognition Startup Is Secretly Tracking Palestinians

In April 2020, Anyvision deployed thermal cameras at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital). The cameras can measure body temperature from a distance and are capable of determining whether a high temperature is caused by disease or by another cause such as physical activity.[5]Face Recognition Startup AnyVision to Deploy Thermal Cameras at Tel Aviv Hospital Media also reported that Anyvision installed facial recognition technology in Ichilov hospital for the surveillance of patients. Anyvision stated that the technology is only being tested there, but it is not clear if to date the system is still installed and operating there.[6]The Big Brother in Ichilov : Cameras will surveill patients

Anyvision’s product is also being used by the Israeli Bank “Bank Hapoalim” since 2018.[7]Israeli bank uses FR tech from Anyvision In November 2021, it was reported that a residential area in Tel Aviv, that includes four accommodation towers, restaurants, cafes, a country club and a mall, all of which use Anyvision’s (Oosto) face biometrics.[8]Facial recognition cameras make smart city areas feel safer in Israel and Mexico

In February 2022 it was reported that the Israeli logistics company Group 207 is using Oosto’s facial recognition among its video surveillance tools at the Port of Ashdod, a major seaport in Israel. It is used on truck drivers entering the port.[9]Oosto reveals seaport logistics deployment of facial recognition, explores video AI use cases

In 2022 it was announced by Oosto that Raphael Hospital in Israel implemented Oosto’s facial recognition technoligies to secure sensitive areas.[10]Raphael Hospital Implements Oosto’s Vision AI Technology to Secure Sensitive Areas

For more information about the Oosto’s involvement in the Israeli occupation, you may visit Who Profits. More information about the company and its financial profile, as well as investors, can be found at Investigate.