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Chad, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, North-Macedonia, Peru, Portugal, Senegal, Turkmenistan, Ukraine




General Information

Tavor is an assault rifle with semi and fully automatic modes. The Tavor rifles is manufactured was first manufactured by Israel Military industries in the 90’s. After the company split in 2005, the manufacturing was continued by Israeli Weapons Industry (IWI) – a privately owned Israeli light weapons manufacturer.

The Tavor has been exported to many countries. Among others, Tavor rifles have been reported to be used in South Sudan, Colombia, Morroco and were used by Indian police accused of severe human rights abuses in Kashmir.

Variations: TAR-21, GTAR-21, CTAR-21, STAR-21, Tavor X95 (Micro-Tavor), Tavor 7, Fort-221/222 (Ukranian Variant), TC-21 and more.

Micro Tavor X95

Use by Israeli Forces

In 2009, the Micro-Tavor was selected by the IDF to replace the M16 and M4 as the standard-issued weapon of the Israeli infantry by the end of 2018. At the main assault rifles of the Israeli infantry, it is used by all major combat battalions and was used in all major Israeli military operations including the attacks on Gaza in 2012 and 2014. The Tavor was used against Palestinian protesters in Gaza in recent years, leading to the maiming and killing of hundreds of protestors.