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General Information

BeeSense, formerly called Seraphim Optronics, is an Israeli company, owned by Avnon Holdings (Avnon Group). The company is located in Yokne’am, Israel.

Established in 1996 as Seraphim Optronics ltd, BeeSense designs, develops and manufactures multi-sensor technology-based solutions & systems and communication and power infrastructures for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Main products are observation and surveillance systems as the “Bee” series, Multi-sensor surveillance systems as the “Firefly” series and the “Mantis” series.[1]Beesense Systems As to governmental citations, Beesense “capitalizes on over 20 years of close collaboration with military and para-military users”.[2]Israel government ihsf technology

According to a report by the Center for Security Policy from 2013 the US-Mexico border was “said to be the first goal location to have its products implemented”.[3]Jstor Seraphim Optronics Ltd. Report Products by Seraphim were tested by the US Air Force already in 2006.[4]Defense Update Seraphim

In 2018 BeeSense made a €1.6m deal with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency, financed from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania, for creation of a unique prototype HALO for “monitoring and ensuring security”.[5]BeeSense Official website – BeeSense Europe

According to the “Frontex Files” investigation, Seraphim hold a meeting with Frontex in 2018 where they presented among others the ROSS system, the Gabriel, Raphael and the Ariel.[6]Frontex Files – international report about arms companies and Frontex [7]Frontex Files Seraphim

Arms Fairs:

BeeSense exhibited in following arms fairs: UMEX (UAE), Polsecure (Poland), SG-Airshow (Singapore), ISDEF 2022 (Israel), Eurosatory 2022 (France), DSEI 2019 (UK) [8]Armada International – DSEI, AUSA 2012 and 2013 [9]Stage : Ausa Arms Fair (US), DefExpo 2014 (India) [10]IsraelDefense : large israeli presence in arms fair defexpo, HLS Technology Exhibition 2018 [11]Gov IL and 2020 (Israel) [12]Export Department Israel Arms Fair exhibitors

In UAE’s UMEX 2022, BeeSense showcased multi-sensor surveillance technologies (Mantis3, FireFly, Bee5). The exhibition ws organized by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions partnering with the Tawazun Economic Council, in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates’ Defense Ministry and supported by the UAE’s Armed Forces.

Acquisitions / Subsidiaries / Fundings

In 2013, 51% of Seraphim was acquired by the Israeli company Ricor.[13]I-HLS : Ricor Systems acquires Seraphim

In 2021 Seraphim Optronics was acquired from Ricor by Avnon Group, a private Israeli company, founded in 1990.[14]ynet : Avnon Groups acquires Seraphim After the acquisition the name was changed to BeeSense.[15]ynet economy : Seraphim changes name to BeeSense

In January 2022 BeeSense announced a merger agreement with the Swedish company DST Control.[16]unmanned system technology : BeeSense enters maritime surveillance technologies. Avnon Group who acquired DST Control through BeeSense paid according to reports €6m. (softnews : avnon deal with Beesense and DST))

Safomar Aviation is the official partner of AVNON HLS GROUP in Sub-Sahara Africa, operating from South-Africa.[17]Facebook – Safomar Aviation is the official partner of AVNON HLS GROUP [18]Saforma official website – partners

Usage by Israeli Forces

The Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) by Seraphim was reportedly in operational use by the Israeli army in 2006.[19]Defenes Update – Seraphim UGS in use by Israel

The ROSS surveillance system [20]youtube : demonstration of Seraphim Optronics ROSS-Urban Warfare Scenario is in use by the Israeli Army.[21]ynet : Seraphim technology used by Israel army It was operated by the Israeli Army in Operation “Protective Edge” in Gaza in 2014.[22]Israel Defense : Seraphim’s Technology used in Israeli Military Operation in Gaza

In 2006 it was reported that surveillance systems by Seraphim were tested by the Israeli army.[23]Defense Update : Seraphim’s technology tested by IDF

The founder of Seraphim, Israel Kasher, President and CEO since the company’s establishment in 1993, served previously with a technical unit of the IDF’s Intelligence Corps.[24]Jstor : Seraphim’s technology used by the IDF