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RG-32m, Cornershot, Rabintex Helmet


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Cornershot Holdings, IMI, Rabintex

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Israel and Ireland keep close economic and military ties. Beside of a number of trade and R&D agreements the two countries established the IBBN, that develops bilateral investment. In 2018 Israel’s exports to Ireland were worth $114m. Ireland has bought €14.7m worth of arms and military components from Israel between 2006-2016, including artillery control systems, surveillance systems and drones.

Israel – Ireland Relations

Israeli exports to Ireland include aircraft, machinery and electronics, rubber and plastics, chemicals, textiles, optical/medical equipment, gems, and fruit and vegetables.[1]Export GOV Israel : Country Snapshot Ireland Israel’s exports to Ireland were worth $114m in 2018.[2]OEC World Report Bilateral Countries Israel-Ireland

Certain economic agreements support Israel’s trade relationship with Ireland – primarily the Free Trade Agreement between Israel and the EU (European Union) (and USA) and a bilateral agreement on Double taxation was concluded in 1995 between the two states, which further facilitated the economic affairs between the countries. Another agreement that exists between the countries and which reflects another element of their hi-tech focus is the 1999 Memorandum of Understanding on Industrial Research and Development Cooperation.[3]TAMAS : Israel – Ireland Trade Relations

In 2012 the Ireland-Israel business Network (IIBN) was established. The IIBN is an organization that tries to develop bi-lateral investment between Israel and Ireland, while working to stimulate and strengthen business links between the two countries.[4]Ireland Israel Business : About

In December 2019 Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, met with Israeli PM Netanyahu in the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. It was his fourth visit to Israel since becoming foreign minister in 2017.[5]Visiting Israel, Irish FM says he’s open for ‘new thinking’ on peace process[6]Cooperation Between Israel & Ireland in The Cyber Security Industry

Military Relations

Ireland has bought €14.7m worth of arms and military components from Israel between 2006-2016 while Irish-based companies have exported €6.42m worth of military and ‘dual use’ hardware to Israel between 2011-2016.[7]Irish Examiner : We must call upon our government to end arms trade with Israel

In August 2014 controversy erupted when it became public that Ireland had approved export licenses for military goods worth up to €6.4m to be shipped to Israel over three years. Irish opposition parties complained that the types of materials sold to Israel are being kept secret from the Irish public. Whilst the Irish government refused to give exact details on the type of equipment, updated figures showed military licenses totaling €126,637 had been approved in advance of the 2014 Gaza conflict.[8]State approved €6.4m in Israel arms exports

In 2019 together with Industry Group Cyber Ireland the Ireland-Israel Business Network (IIBN) organized a forum to promote Irish-Israeli cooperation in developing national cybersecurity strategies.[9]Cooperation Between Israel & Ireland in The Cyber Security Industry

The Irish Government acquired a number of licences to use Cellebrite’s forensic technology on behalf of the gardai (Ireland’s National Police Service), who use its physical analyser software to extract and analyse data from phones and other mobile devices.[10]Firm that hacked Isis phone for FBI was used by gardai in Graham Dwyer case

Usage of Israeli Arms

Orbiter 1/2B – used used for surveillance, artillery spotting and support for special forces. Used by the Irish Army in Chad and by the Army Ranger Wing.[11]Independent : Defence Forces to use Israeli robot spy planes

RG-32M Outrider Light Tactical Vehicle – Used by Irish Army.

Rabintex Enhanced Combat Helmet – Used by Irish Army.[12]Ireland : RABINTEX CAD 4-5/

UFED – was Used by Ireland’s National Police Service. Was used in 2016 in the Graham Dwyer trial in Dublin, Ireland.[13]Firm that hacked Isis phone for FBI was used by gardai in Graham Dwyer case

Human Rights Violations

860,000 people experienced discrimination in Ireland – A CSO Report  from 2019 finds.[14]860,000 PEOPLE EXPERIENCED DISCRIMINATION IN IRELAND – A CSO REPORT FINDS

Following areas of concern are existing in Ireland regarding violations of human rights: Continuing problems in Ireland’s International Protection System, particularly regarding access to work, the segregated nature of Direct Provision centres and the experiences of people with disabilities; The need for effective remedies for migrant women in the context of domestic abuse; Discrimination against Traveller communities; Business and human rights, Ireland’s inaction on climate change and its contribution to racial discrimination; Migrant workers’ rights and the rights of victims of trafficking.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination expressed concern at the “inadequate living conditions in direct provision centers and its significant impact on mental health and family life of asylum seekers”. It also criticized the “substandard living conditions” of emergency accommodation provided for new asylum seekers due to capacity pressures, and the lack of necessary services and support provided therein.[15]Amnesty 2021 Report – Ireland

A report by the Immigrant Council of Ireland in April found that at least 102 and probably many more women and girls were trafficked into or through Ireland for sexual exploitation over a two-year period.[16]Amensty International – Ireland Report/