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BlueBird Aero Systems

General Information

A private Israeli company, established in 2002, specializes in design, development and production of Micro, Mini and tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The company is based in Kadima, Israel.

The company delivers technological & operational solutions to provide real-time intelligence, and deliver solutions to meet necessities of military, Homeland Security (HLS) and civilian UAS markets.

Products include unmanned aerial vehicles as Thunder B,  SpyLite, Micro B, Wander Bm, and Sub-Systems as Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS), ICU, Ground Data Terminal (GDT), Emergency Control unit (ECU), Remote Video Terminal.

The company provides UAVs to the Israeli army and Ministry of Defense and exports its products abroad.

International Deals

2010: According to an NEWSRU report, Russian Special Forces purchased UAVs by BlueBird.[1]Russian special services will receive Israeli micro- and mini-UAVs The information has not been confirmed by official sources.

2013: The company was awarded a $3 million contract for providing SpyLite drones to the Chilean Army.[2]Bluebird to Supply Mini UAVs to Chilean Army

2018: Indian company Cyient and Bluebird Aero Systems signed a joint venture to offer UAV systems to Indian military and Industry.[3]BlueBird Set to Sell UAVs to the Indian Army

2018: the newspaper Globes named Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Greece, Spain, Frontex, NATO and Azerbaijan as customers of BlueBird Aero Systems.[4]Globes : israeli uavs

2021: 150 VTOL drones by BlueBird were sold and delivered to an undisclosed European customer in a deal worth tens of millions of dollars.[5]BlueBird Aero Systems completes delivery of VTOL drones to European customer

2021: Bluebird drones were sold to Morocco, possibly for usage in the Western Sahara, for $50 million.[6]Assessment: BlueBird drones sold to Morocco could be used for war against terror in W. Sahara . Morocco stated that it had purchased 150 WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL drones.

2024: A new Bluebird drone production facility, which has been established in Morocco, is expected to start operations soon.[7]Israel’s BlueBird to Establish Drone Manufacturing in Morocco, Army Recognition, 19.4.24

Usage of BlueBird’s products by Israeli Forces

The company provides UAVs to the Israeli army and Ministry of Defense.[8]Who Profits – BlueBird – Report [9]Spylite report

BlueBird products have been used during air strikes by the Israeli Air Force during military assaults on Gaza in 2008-9 and 2014 and on Lebanon in 2006. Company UAVs were also used in military campaigns in the West Bank.[10]Who Profits – BlueBird – Report

According to the company’s website, during the summer of 2014, its SpyLite UAVs “operated around the clock”, and “logged over 700 operational sorties of over 3 hours each” in Israeli military attacks in the West Bank and Gaza. The SpyLite is marketed as ‘combat proven.’[11]Who Profits – BlueBird – Report [12]“COMBAT PROVEN”: THE BOOMING BUSINESS OF WAR IN ISRAEL

Subsidiaries / Acquisitions / Fundings

The company holds a 49% stake in Cynient Solutions & Systems (CSS), a joint venture in India. The remaining shares are held by Cynient (NSE:Cynient).

2005: In a leaked presentation, it becomes clear that the company “Silver Shadow” that was founded by two Israeli ex-soldiers was the official provider of BlueBird’s UAV systems in the US.[13]Silver Shadow and BlueBird leaked presentation

2007: AGS investment firm invests $7 million in Bluebird for 30% of its shares.[14]Globes : BlueBird Article

2012: Indian pharmaceutical giant Piramal invests $20 million in BlueBird.[15]Cooperation Between BlueBird and UAS Technologies

2018: Piramal holds a quarter of BlueBirds shares.[16]Globes : BLueBird Article

September 2020: Israel Aerospace Industries announced that that they acquired 50% of BlueBird Aero Systems. Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird will continue to hold 50% of BlueBird.[17]IAI buys 50% of tactical drone co BlueBird