Barak Missiles

General Information The Barak-1, and its later adaptation, Barak 8, are both Surface to Air missiles. The Barak-1 was first developed by Rafael and Israel Aerospace industries (IAI). The Barak-8 is a joint Israel-Indian venture in which India’s Defense Research & Development Organization and Bharat Dynamics Limited, joined IAI and Rafael in its development and manufacturing. In 2020, IAI […]

Wolf Armoured Vehicle

General Information Produced by Rafael and Carmor , the Wolf Armoured Vehicle is an armoured personnel carrier, used mainly by the Israeli Army.The Wolf is a heavily armoured crew carrier, manufactured by the companies Carmor and Rafael. It combines a commercial truck’s speed and maneuverability and APC-like armour, qualities necessary for low-intensity confrontation. The Wolf’s chassis is based on […]


The SandCat is a composite armored vehicle designed by the Israeli company Plasan. The SandCat was shown publicly for the first time at AUSA arms fair in 2005. The latest models were shown for the first time at Eurosatory arms fair in 2018. The SandCat is based on a commercial Ford F-Series chassis. Approximately 700 […]

AIL Storm – Sufa

General Information AIL Storm is an Israeli off-road vehicle and one of the main jeeps used by Israeli security forces – both military and police. The series of Jeeps based on the Jeep Wrangler is manufactured by Automotive Industries Ltd. since 1990 (Storm I). In 2006 the Strom II (M-242 Storm Mark II) was rolled […]

Spylite Mini

General Information SpyLite is a multiconfiguration tactical mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) produced by BlueBird Aero Systems. SpyLite is designed for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions. The UAV is fully automatic, from the time of catapult launch to its recovery. The Ethiopian Army placed an order with BlueBird Aero Systems for an unspecified number […]


General Information The Skylark is a miniature UAV made by Elbit. It is designed as a manpacked system for tactical surveillance and reconnaissance. The Skylark is launched by hand. The payload consists of a daylight CCD or optional FLIR for night operations. During operation, it sends real-time video to a portable ground station. Recovery involves a deep stall maneuver, […]


General Information The Orbiter Mini UAV System is a compact and lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle designed for use in military and security applications. It is manufactured by the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems. The system is used for ‘Over The Hill’ reconnaissance missions, Low Intensity Conflicts and Urban warfare operations as well as any close range […]


General Information The first Heron drone was developed in 1994 by Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI). It is a medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of 52 hours of flight, at up to 10.5 KM.  The Heron TP was developed based on the Heron as an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. Both have been weaponized and were widely […]


General Information The Hermes drone, manufactured by Elbit Systems, is one of the most widely used military drones in the world. The Hermes 450, originally designed for long endurance surveillance missions, can stay aloft for up to 24 hours at altitudes of up to 18,000 feet and has an array of optical, infrared, and laser […]

Blue Horizon

General Information The Blue Horizon UAV is a small, lightweight UAV, powered by a twin-cylinder piston engine. It is designed to provide reconnaissance and surveillance in day and night operations, but is capable of carrying out ‘penetrator’ missions by operating at low speed and low altitude.[1]Eprognostic : Blue Horizon UAV details brochure The Blue Horizon […]