Introduction Israel and Honduras maintain close ties in the fields of diplomacy, trade, agriculture and water management, health, innovation, and security. Under Orlando Hernández’s presidency (2014-2022), Honduras became a close ally of Israel, regularly supporting Israel’s policy at the UN and moving Honduras’ embassy to Jerusalem. The military relations between the countries include arms and […]


Introduction Israel and Romania hold close diplomatic, economic, military and cyber relations. It is estimated that Israel has sold Romania over $1 billion weaponry over the past 25 years. The deals list includes among others drones, missiles, vehicles and surveillance technologies. Israeli arms and cyber companies have extensive presence in Romania with subsidiaries, factories and […]


Introduction There have been unconfirmed reports of Israeli weapons sales and training to Rwanda beginning in 1990. It is believed that Israel supplied weapons to the Hutus who committed that genocide but Israel’s Supreme Court denied a request to release information regarding Israel’s role in the genocide. Today Israel and Rwanda hold close security relations, […]


Introduction Israel and Uzbekistan hold economic, educational, scientific and military relations. Israel reportedly sold drones, small arms and spyware to Uzbekistan. Israel – Uzbekistan Relations Uzbekistan has long had a relatively strong relationship with the state of Israel. Israel was one of the first countries to recognize Uzbekistan after the dissolution of the USSR.[1]Enjoying good […]


Introduction Panama and Israel have a long history of supportive bilateral relations, beginning with Panama’s vote for UN Resolution 181 to create the State of Israel. Panama used Israeli surveillance technology by NSO Group. Panamian police forces were trained by the Israeli Army.  Israel-Panama Relations Panama has consistently voted with Israel since 1947, including voting […]


Introduction Ecuador became a substantial customer of Israel arms exports in the mid-1970s, purchasing aircrafts, missiles, and mortars. Ecuador has remained a frequent and loyal customer of the Israeli defense industry, buying among others missiles, drones, radars and cyber security systems. Israel-Ecuador Relations The Republic of Ecuador established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1957,[1]Republic of […]

New Zealand

Introduction New Zealand and Israel maintain close economic, security and military relations. New Zealand acquired among others aircraft radars, combat vehicles, shield systems and surveillance technologies from Israeli companies. Israel– New Zealand Relations In 2011, Israel and New Zealand launched the Working Holiday Scheme (WHS), which offers 200 places to New Zealanders to stay and […]


Introduction Venezuela purchased arms from israel in the 1990s and 2000s including aircrafts, missile-systems and rockets. In addition to that Venezuela purchased Israeli phone-data extraction systems. Israel – Venezuela Relations Venezuela (since 1999 the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) recognized Israel in 1948.  In 2009 it suspended relations because of Israel’s invasion of Gaza and has […]


Introduction Israel and Colombia are maintaining close economic and military relations. Israel exported among other fighter jets, drones, missiles and cyber security systems to Colombia. Israel also trained and educated Colombian military and police officials.  Israel-Colombia Relations Israel and Colombia have an extensive trading relationship, facilitated by a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed in June […]


Introduction: Israel began supplying weapons to Chile during the military dictatorship of Pinochet, including missiles, radars, small arms, as well as aircrafts, naval vessels and cluster bombs. Today Israel continues to export security and military products and services to Chile. There is evidence that Israel were and are used in the repression and human rights […]