Introduction Myanmar’s crimes against the Rohingya Muslim Minority (thousands were killed, 1.1 million have fled) has earned the country widespread condemnation and different arms embargos since the 1990s. Despite that, Israel has been accused of continuing to sell military equipment to the Myanmar Military even as it faced accusations of war crimes against the Rohingya. […]


Introduction Israel and Kazakhstan maintain close economic, diplomatic and military ties. Since 2007 cooperation was developed around armament modernization programs, artillery rockets, UAVs, simulators, command and control systems, advanced communications, and air defense radar systems. Kazakhstan and Israel signed a security cooperation agreement in 2014 that formalized military and defense industry ties between the two […]


Introduction Israel and Indonesia, although not having formal ties, maintain strong economic and military cooperation and trade. The two countries established different joint institutions in aim to develop economic partnership and keep strong ties around security, including Indonesian forces that trained in Israel. Israel exports a wide range of arms to Indonesia since the 1960s, […]


Introduction India has for years been one of the largest purchasers of Israeli arms. Israel supplied 15% of India’s arms imports from 2014-2018, and 45% of Israel’s exports. The majority of Israel’s exports to India are made up of aerial defense, radar systems and ammunition. Israel and India signed several joint ventures agreements, developing a […]


Introduction Israel and China have been developing increasingly close economic, diplomatic, and military ties with each other particularly over the past decade. Israel has actively sought to maintain close ties with China as it continues to rise as a major global economic player. Israel is seen by China as a point of strategic importance, political […]


Introduction Hidden relations have existed between Israel and Bahrain since 1971. In recent years they have been coming to light, especially after the countries agreed to establish diplomatic relations in September 2020. Many official security and military meetings were conducted between Bahraini and Israeli officials. In 2021 the countries operated a joint naval drill in […]


Introduction Israel and the Philippines keep close economic and military ties. Relations between the two countries solidified after Philippines’ president Duterte visited Israel in 2018 and signed over 20 agreements with Israel, worth nearly $83m. Israeli arms exports include drones, anti-tank missiles, radars, surveillance systems for the Philippine army and assault rifles for the police. […]