Super Dvora MK

General Information The Super Dvora patrol boats are high-speed class patrol boats meant for a variety of naval missions from typical off-shore coastal patrol mission profiles to high-speed, high-maneuver littoral warfare. Built by Israel Aerospace Industries for the Israeli Sea Corps, the Super Dvora is the successor to the Dvora-class fast patrol boats. The Super Dvora Mark […]


General Information The Shaldag-class patrol boat is a small but fast class of patrol boats developed by Israeli Shipyards for the Israeli Navy and launched in 1989, it has since seen service with several other navies. The vessels are armed with a Typhoon Weapon station, mounting a Bushmaster M242 and electro-optics systems. They are equipped […]


General Information The Protector unmanned surface vehicle (USV) was developed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and as to their website was the first operational combat USV in service. The Protector is remotely controlled and can be operated with guidance from a commander and operator located ashore or aboard a manned vessel. It is in […]


General Information Sa’ar boats are a series of missile boats. Sa’ar 4, of the earlier versions, was built based on Israeli Navy designs in the early 70’s by Israeli Shipyards, as was the following 4.5. In 2010 Israel Shipyards started developing the Sa’ar 72 Mini-Corvette,[1] “The Navy’s new warship has been unveiled”, mako, 20.5.2013 [Hebrew] […]