*The Denmark country page refers also to Greenland, that is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark and under its military responsibility.[1]The Kingdom of Denmark includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which are autonomous with similar political structures and legal rights. They manage most of their domestic affairs, while the central … Continue reading Introduction: […]

Czech Republic

Introduction Israel and the Czech Republic keep close economic, diplomatic and security relations. Israel exported to the Czech Republic between 2009-2019 missiles, drones, and reconnaissance systems including upgrades of missile protection systems and combat jets.[1]Stockholm International Peace Research Institute In 2017 the Czech Republic announced they plan to spend some $7.1 billion over the next […]


Introduction Up until 2020, Israel-Cyprus military relations were limited, but with the US lifting its arms embargo on Cyprus and the plan of a gas pipeline from Israel to Europe through Cyprus, the relations between the countries are growing. Israel and Cyprus hold close economic, security and military relations with significant arms and security deals […]


Introduction Azerbaijan was Israel’s second largest arms buyer from 2015-2019[1]Israel’s arms exports over past four years at highest ever with sales of $789 million.[2]SIPRI Arms Transfers Database These weapons – which ignore the E.U. arms embargo on the country since 1991, and the U.S.’s de facto policy not to sell arms to it – are […]

European Union

Introduction Israel is an associated state of the EU and enjoys close economic and diplomatic ties. Through Research & Innovation funds, the EU invested billions in Israeli companies and organizations, among them also arms manufacturers like Elbit, Verint Systems and IAI. Between 2018-2020 border security agencies of the EU purchased Israeli drones for maritime surveillance missions […]


Introduction The UK and Israel maintain strong ties around technology, investment, research and security. The UK purchased a large amount of arms and security technology from Israel, including drones and advanced defense systems, often manufactured in joint ventures. In the 2010s cybersecurity has become a key area of UK-Israeli cooperation. Israel – UK Relations Diplomatic […]


Introduction Israel and Russia maintain close economic relations with $5 billion worth trade between the two countries in 2019. Military relations are less significant and rely mostly on operational coordination and less on the supply of arms. In 2010 Russia and Israel signed a five-year military agreement. Russia mainly acquired drones from Israel, including the […]